Geographical Focus

Wellness Heroes believes in the concept of "Think Globally and Act Locally".

Initially the Wellness Heroes Greenthing-e ™ (see pilot project will be focused on consumers who live in the city of Toronto and surrounding area, in Ontario, Canada.

The Greenthing-e™ pilot will take place starting the week of January 12th, 2009 at The Sweet Potato Organic grocer in Toronto at 2995 Dundas Street West. We intend to run the pilot project for six days in January 2009. Please revisit this website for updates.  

On an ongoing basis, Wellness Heroes will be collecting electronic Global Vendor Content, including vendor e-coupons (electronic coupons), Customer Subscriptions, Wellness Heroes Nominations, Franchise Enquiries, and local as well as national and international Charities interested in participating and financially benefiting.

Habitat for Humanity Toronto is the first Charity to partner with Wellness Heroes. Neil Hetherington, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Toronto, says, “Habitat for Humanity Toronto is pleased to partner with Wellness Heroes. By selling this great new product, we can raise more funds for much-needed affordable housing.”